3 Reasons Why The Exxus VRS is the Future of Vaping

Nov 9, 2022by Christopher Avila

Who doesn’t want a vaporizer that can do all? The Exxus VRS 3-in-1 is a versatile device that includes 3 modes: Nectar Collector Mode, Dab Rig Mode, and Oil Cartridge Mode. The VRS features a ceramic atomizer, 15-second preheat functionality, and 3 voltage settings (3.0V, 3.5V, 4.0V). This extreme device also includes haptic feedback and a USB port for fast charging capabilities. Here are 3 reasons why you need the VRS for every session:

1. On-the-Go Vape Pen

Grab your favorite oil cartridge and attach it to the VRS! With its 510 connection, this device is compatible with universal threading. To adjust to Cartridge Mode, remove the mouthpiece and load in your cartridge with just a simple twist. Voila! You have your portable vape to take along with you to any sort of adventure!

2. Enjoy a Dab Sesh

If you love a good dab session, then this is the device for you—seriously, get on this VRS! To start Dab Rig Mode, you will need to screw the ceramic atomizer onto the device and attach the glass connector to twist it onto the 14mm adapter.

To begin your dab sesh, remove the cap from the ceramic atomizer and place the wax concentrate in the chamber. Then, close it back up. It is advised that you should not fill the entire chamber because it might lead to flooding and possibly ruin the device.

Fill the rig with water and insert the battery into the rig. Next, click the button 3 times to increase the voltage settings to your preference. After, click the button twice to initiate sesh mode (this lasts for 15 seconds and you can also start this mode by simply holding down the button to heat and begin vapor production). Press the carb once the rig is filled with vapor and release airflow. By pressing the carb down, it will open a hole in the cap that allows vapor to flow freely through.

As a bonus feature, you can also use the Dab Rig Mode alongside the Cartridge Mode, creating more ways to enjoy your VRS device!

3. SLURP like a Bumblebee

BZZZ! The VRS features a Nectar Collector Mode to slurp up all the concentrated goodness. To use, start by screwing the heating tip onto the battery. Then, screw the glass connector on and twist the hydrotube into place. Next, fill the hydrotube below the airhole and remove the cap from the heating tip.

To increase the heat settings, press the button 3 times; to initiate a 15-second session, click it twice. (You can also start sesh mode by holding down the button to start and begin the vapor production.) Once the heating tip is warmed, press the tip against the concentrate and gently inhale. Then, press the carb down and let the vapor flow freely through.

Be the life of the party and puff the VRS around for everyone to enjoy. With so many FAROUT features, you won’t regret having the VRS with you at every session—it’s just so convenient! The Exxus VRS is available in 3 colors: Green, Gunmetal, and Black.