How To Tell If Your Cartridge is Auto-Draw Compatible

Apr 3, 2024by Ian Black
How To Tell If Your Cartridge is Auto-Draw Compatible

In the world of cartridge vaporizers there exists two leading schools of thought in terms of basic functionality, those that follow the manual button press and those that autodraw. Today we are going to focus on the autodraw vaporizers to explain a very important note that you will need specific air-hole equipt cartridges in order to use your piece. Continue on to see why you need these specific cartridges, how your auto-draw vape works, and some awesome Exxus vapes that utilize this great inhalation technology.

What Kind of Cartridge Do I Need For My AutoDraw Vape?

While the Tap VV, Slim 2.0, and Palm Pro all included universal 510 threaded connections, the reality is that due to their auto-draw nature you will need a cartridge that also features an airflow hole on the bottom to allow it to function.

Two cartridges lying down with end of them in focus

To check if your cartridge has the proper air hole functionality simply look within the 510 threading and see if there is a hole on the bottom that feeds directly into the cartridge itself. This necessary hole allows for the air sensors within your AutoDraw vaporizer to properly function and for air to flow directly though your cartridge and into your mouth.

How Does My AutoDraw Vape Work?

Much as the name suggests your AutoDraw vaporizer functions purely off of your inhales, allowing for a relaxing buttonless experience you can pick up and start puffing away on. Packed within your vaporizer is a surprising amount of technology that allows your auto-draw device to utilize an air sensor that can tell when air is passing by from an inhale in order to activate the vaporizing mechanics to provide you with an effortless hit.

In the same way that the air sensor notices your inhalation, it also notices the absence of such air and that is how it stays powered down, thus allowing for it to be always ready. Thanks to the auto-draw technology you can have the ultimate ease of access when it comes to blowing clouds with zero hassle.

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What Exxus Vapes Feature Autodraw?

Exxus has a diverse selection of autodraw vaporizers that allow for you to choose the perfect one for yourself from favorites such as the Tap VV, Slim 2.0, Minovo, and Palm Pro! All of these great vapes utilize the hands free autodraw technology for a smoother operation that feels much more natural than holding down a button each time you need a hit. Peruse all of these great vapes here at Exxus Vapes Online and check out which one is your perfect fit!