How To Properly Store Your Vaporizer

Mar 20, 2024by Ian Black
How To Properly Store Your Vaporizer

Whether it's for a good night's sleep, heading out to work, or going on vacation; if you are leaving your vaporizer for any amount of time it's incredibly important to make sure you put it somewhere that is safe. So check your anxieties at the door and take a look at our tips to make sure you're treating your old reliable right by storing them correctly.

Power Down and Avoid that Frown

This one is too obvious not to add as however much it seems like common sense we all know that we’ve accidentally left our devices only to come back to them drained. So make sure that whenever you are putting your vape away you have turned it completely off, and not just left it in standby mode. Some vapes will have built in safety features to assist with this such as the Exxus M3B which features a built in child lock mechanism to ensure that you have an extra check and balance before powering on.

Woman holding Exxus M3B in front of blue studio background

Hot For Vapor

Your vaporizer is very much a Goldilocks situation where when it comes to storage you want to leave it somewhere not too hot but also not too cold. While this may seem a bit ambiguous the long and short of it is that you want your rig to hover around room temperature, so don’t leave it anywhere it could be exposed to extreme heat or chill. Obvious red flags would be anywhere that receives direct or reflected sunlight throughout the day, but less obvious sources of heat would be your laptop or tablet as they can give off enough heat to put your vape into the danger zone.

Leave Being Cold to the Fridge

While not as talked about as extreme heat, it's important to not let your vaporizer get too cold while sitting next to an AC vent as it can mess with the internals and degrade battery quality to the point of not functioning. Elevated levels of chill will cause your vaporizer's battery to lose charge thanks to the degradation of the chemical process that powers them. Additionally if you attempt to charge your vaporizer while it is in this compromised frozen state then you risk causing the battery to short circuit entirely.

Exxus Go Plus resting on platform with speaker behind

Stand Up or Get Stood Up

Next up is the necessary step of making sure your vape is standing at attention and sitting up right as opposed to on its side. Some vaporizers like our Exxus Go Plus make this dead easy thanks to their larger base size and naturally upright positioning. Other vapes in the more traditional pen shape like the Exxus Slim 2.0 will need a little bit of extra help to stay upright so try leaving them in a glass cup or mug which allows them to sit upright and be easily located. If you are using a cartridge vaporizer, leaving it in any position other than the upright one can lead to concentrates clogging and eventually blocking the mouthpiece entirely. Many vaporizer cartridges contain air holes that when laid on their side can lead to the opposite desired effect as liquid will slowly seep from them.

The Detriment of Dampness

Another pitfall for you to dodge is make sure that you are avoiding any damp or moist areas of your home. The most likely culprits will be your bathroom after a shower and the laundry room during a cycle as these events while relaxing will generate a ton of moisture that can ruin your vaporizer. Instead of storing them in any shelves or cabinets near these areas, instead put it on the opposite side of your home or in an area that is far enough away to not regularly be exposed.

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Winning the Storage Wars

In Conclusion your vape is not like the elf on the shelf, it won't magically move from where you left it to somewhere compromising but it also won’t be able to get itself out of any sticky situations you may have left it in. So make sure to follow these simple steps and ensure that your vaporizer is hitting just the same as when you left it. If you're interested in more tips and tricks take a look at the rest of our postings over at our Exxus Vaporizer Blog!