Three Reasons Why The Exxus GO Plus Should Be Your Next Vaporizer

May 8, 2023by Julianne Bautista

Three Reasons Why The Exxus go Plus Should Be Your Next Vaporizer with Exxus Go Plus in man's hand in front of pink studio backgroundExperience dabs of your favorite wax concentrate like you’ve never before with the new Exxus GO Plus Vaporizer! The GO Plus is a cutting-edge device designed for wax concentrate enthusiasts. With its coil-less quartz tank, this device offers clean, smooth puffs that preserve flavor without a burnt taste. You can choose between manual control or an automatic mode that adjusts performance based on the concentrates. It also offers a wide range of temperature control options with precise settings. This device can be adjusted to individual preferences, displayed on its distinct OLED screen, and features a magnetic attachment system—making it easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning or maintenance.

Additionally, the glass carb cap and silicone tether enhance the vaping experience. Powered by a very strong 5200mAh battery, this device ensures long-lasting sessions, and the Type-C cable allows for fast charging. The LED lights add style and functionality, indicating the device's status and battery life. Enjoy dab tokes like no other—here are three reasons why you need the Exxus GO Plus:

Exxus Go Plus on white display next to packaging

Fast and Easy to Use

Easy like 1,2,3—the GO Plus vaporizer offers two modes, manual and automatic, for users to choose from based on their preferences. In addition, the device features a clear OLED screen that displays the temperature and a timer that counts down the preheat function.

Powerful Hits

If you like your dab tokes smooth and effortless, then you’re going to need to add the GO Plus to your everyday sessions. Once the device is preheated, taking a puff instantly delivers a smooth vapor that is easy to consume.

Exxus Go Plus in man's hands about to be used

Easy to Clean

Most glass pieces are known to be quite difficult to clean after a session, but the GO Plus won’t disappoint. After dabbing, it's important to clean your device, with such simple rules just first remove the chamber and clean it with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol. Secondly, clean the bubbler and pour alcohol into the mouthpiece, rinse it with water, and shake it gently to remove water. Finally, clean the screw connection of the base with an alcohol-soaked cotton swab and let it dry before reattaching the heating chamber.

Exxus Go Plus shot from above in man's hands above yellow lighting

From easy cleaning to the most powerful extensive hits, the GO Plus by Exxus Vape is the vaporizer you will need for this upcoming season! This new vaporizer is an innovative device designed for users who enjoy luscious hits of their concentrates and also the ability to choose your own desired functionality. Enjoy neverending tokes and check out more of our latest vaporizers at!