Product Spotlight: Exxus Adapt is Your New Favorite Vaporizer

Feb 21, 2024by Julianne Bautista

Product Spotlight: Exxus Adapt is Your New Favorite Vaporizer

Change is good, so bring a different kind of swag to your sessions as the spring season arrives. The Exxus Adapt Cartridge Vaporizer is finally here and is out to change how you enjoy your oils. The Exxus Adapt Vaporizer is a transparent device designed specifically for 510-thread oil cartridges. It also has variable voltages from 2.0V to 4.2V and a 10-second preheat functionality. The Adapt also simplifies usage with its magnetic connection, ensuring easy attachments. Powered by a 650mAh, this device includes a Type-C cable. Here are a few reasons why the Exxus Adapt is your new favorite vaporizer:

Unique and Durable

We’ve never had a vaporizer like this in our collection before, so the Adapt is special! This device has a transparent, plastic body that lets you see how your puffs are mechanically produced. The Exxus Adapt comes in six tinted colors: blue, purple, black, green, red, and clear.

Woman holding Exxus Adapt in front of blue studio background under green lighting

Compact and User-friendly

The Exxus Adapt is 75.3mm by 33.9mm and features adjustable height and width to accommodate 2-gram cartridges comfortably. Thanks to its level window, you can also monitor oil levels to know when it is ready to get a new cartridge.

Affordable and Long-Lasting

This new device is cost-friendly and is known for its long-lasting wear. Made from high-quality materials, the Exxus Adapt will provide you with the best sessions of your favorite oil cartridges.

Exxus Adapt vaporizers in packaging resting on lightning themed display with green lighting

An Overview of the Exxus Adapt

Our new Exxus Adapt is here to power up your sessions to the max! Try the Adapt to experience a change in the way you inhale. At Exxus Vape, our main goal is to offer expert guidance and support for all things vaping. Whether you're looking for the ideal vaporizer to match your tastes or hoping to enhance your vaping without breaking the bank, we're here to ensure you're happy. Dive into our Vaporizer Blog for insightful tips and valuable advice. Come along on this vaping adventure and enjoy every puff with us!