How Voltage Affects Your Vaping?

Dec 7, 2022by Julianne Bautista

Think about this, when you warm a pastry in the oven, you can taste every bit of its flavor—blueberry, lemon, poppy seed, and so on. When you puff your essential oils at a specific temperature of 2.6V, you’ll start to savor the distinctive taste of strains.

When vaping, every feature matters. From flavor to battery life, voltage settings create a different inhalation for every session.

Know The Difference

The higher the voltage, the faster and warmer your device gets. Therefore, high voltages use up materials much more quickly than usual. A lower setting, on the other hand, provides vapor that is fainter and will offer a stronger potency to its flavors.


Flavors of your materials are highly essential during a session. If you want to taste the potent flavors of your oils, it is recommended to increase its voltage setting from a low-mid level. A low-level setting produces fainter clouds but delivers the best flavors of your essential oils.

Battery Life

It’s just like every other device. The lower the power, the longer your battery life is. It’s that simple. Everything just depends on how you like to warm up your materials. If you are trying to save battery and make sure your oils last, then turn it down a notch!

Cloud Production

If you love big clouds of vapor, then turn it up! However, make sure to keep in mind that high voltages will affect flavor and battery life if you want to achieve the boldest clouds.

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Everybody is different, and we all have preferences! Vaping takes knowledge, and every session should be phenomenal. This is not to show you how to vape the right way but it is to show you your own way of enjoying your sessions. Whether the voltage is high or low, you can never fail to have a blissful experience of everlasting clouds.