Exploring the Latest Exxus RIZO: Five New CRACKLE Color Options!

Oct 4, 2023by Julianne Bautista

Person holding Exxus Rizo Crackle in front of teal studio background

Every session should match your vibe—the Exxus Rizo is now available with five new Crackle colors! The Rizo, a collaborative device between Exxus and CCELL, is the latest addition to our Exxus lineup. Its five new colors include Black-Green Crackle, Blue-White Crackle, Black-Red Crackle, Black-White Crackle, and White-Black Crackle.

Exxus Rizo Collection resting on white display with bright lighting

Crafted from premium materials such as aluminum, zinc alloy, PC, and silicone, the Rizo exudes quality and durability. This compact handheld device is engineered for convenience, featuring an adaptable voltage range (2.8V - 3.3V), haptic feedback, a user-friendly 3-bar LED indicator, and a bottom opening for voltage adjustment. It has a reliable 300mAh battery can be effortlessly recharged via the Type-C charging port. Enhance your Rizo sessions with the most recent updates and meet the fresh palette of Crackle colors! Here are more features of the Rizo that you’ll love:

Man holding Exxus Rizo Crackle underneath natural sunlight

All Around Easy to Use

An easy-to-use vaporizer is ideal! The Rizo features a magnetic drop-in connection that lets your cartridges slide into the device with a snap. It also features an auto-inhale activation, eliminating the need to press buttons – simply take a puff and savor the experience!

Small and Portable

If you like to take your sessions to go, consider the Rizo for your upcoming vape experience! Portability is at the forefront of its design, measuring 62.7mm in height and 14.8mm in diameter—smaller than the palm of your hand!

Exxus Rizo Collection on black tabletop with soft natural lighting

An Overview of the New Crackle Colors

From edgy colors to soft-toned blends, Exxus has new Rizo colors to match every vibe. Elevate your sessions and explore our wide selection of vaporizers to meet your vaping preferences. Find the ideal device to enhance your vaping experience! Start your journey now and discover the perfect vape companion that aligns with your style.