Prepare for a Summer of Vape with Exxus!

May 29, 2024by Ian Black
Prepare for a Summer of Vape with Exxus!

This Summer, the only clouds in sight will be the ones billowing from your Exxus vaporizer! The forecast appears to have all the necessary elements to predicate a hot vape summer, which means now is the time to get ready for all the coming fun in the Sun.

With 3 short weeks between now and the commencing of this annual Summer Solstice, the only thing between you and truly embracing a season of vape, is choosing which awesome vaporizer will accompany you on your hot weather adventures.

No matter what type of vapor you’re into, Exxus has you covered like sunblock on a nose! So follow along in this Vape Blog to get the skinny on which vaporizers are this year's star players.

Woman holding Exxus Claro in sand at the beach

The Claro for Cartridges

These sizzling little rectangular batteries have been affectionately dubbed the Claro because as soon as you take your first rip, you’ll understand that the right choice was always clear. That’s on account of the Claro’s miniature design packing in a delightfully powerful 400mAh battery, a wide range of incrementally adjustable voltages (1.8 - 4.2v), and inclusion of an OLED display!

All of these features are packaged in a vaporizer that measures in at just over 2 inches in height, which means this is the perfect cartridge battery to bring on the go this summer.

Having a backup cartridge vaporizer is a must if you want to have the most stress free summer sessions, so the convenient size of the Claro really comes into play.

Making these extra fun for the Summer season, is their see through body designs featuring soft colors that are pleasant to the eye and soothing to the mind. The various shades used on the Claro have been tailor made to match your vibes, so look over the 6 available options to see which one clicks with your Summer mood.

Woman holding Exxus Adapt near beach

The Adapt Goes Big with 2 Gram Cartridges

If you are looking to take things up a notch this summer by exploring the world of 2 gram cartridges, then look no further than the Adapt! This awesome battery is as versatile as can be thanks to a uniquely designed dial adjustment system that allows for compatibility with cartridges measuring a width of 6mm - 16mm and those up to 2 grams in capacity.

This means that no matter who you're seshing with, they can toss their cartridge into your Adapt should their battery die and you can get back to letting the good times roll. Gain the confidence to try out different brands of cartridge with the knowledge your dial system can allow a wide range of options.

For added session variability the Adapt is equipped with the awesome ability to incrementally adjust its voltage all the way from 2 - 4.2v! This gives you a huge selection of different temperatures to experiment with and guarantees you’ll find a sweet spot for all those new cartridges you can now try with your Adapt!

The Adapt features a calming color palette in a similar see through vein as the Claro, so look over the 6 options and see which one makes your eyes sigh in relief.

Man holding Exxus Go Plus near sunset at a beach

Dabbing Perfection with a Go Plus

Should your summer plans revolve around the waxy world of concentrate dabbing, then you will be very pleased with the offerings of one Go Plus! This awesome kit has everything you need in it to turn that trip to the beach or hike through the woods into something truly befitting of the summer title!

The Go Plus turns things all the way up with its 5,200mAh battery and a magnetically attaching glass percolator system, that both work in tandem to provide you with the most milky of clouds. With two operating modes, manual and automatic, the Go Plus is ready to hangout with you all day long or bring you on a guided tour of its potent power via preheating. All of this results in a temperature range that goes from 392˚F all the way up to a sweltering 932˚F!

The coil-less quartz tank within the Go Plus works to maintain a consistently evocative flavor profile while at the same time maximizing vapor production for the most super charged of hits.

Woman holding Exxus Mini Plus in sunny area

Redefining Dry Herb with a Mini Plus

On the dry herb side of the coin, we also have you covered and then some with the Mini Plus!

With an easy to refill dry herb chamber and incredible portability, the Mini Plus is as convenient to use as it is potent in its cloud blowing capabilities.

With incremental temperature adjustment from 320˚F to 410˚F, the Mini Plus can match whatever type of session you are currently needing.

Whether it's a lighter cool temperature sesh in the morning or a heavier hot temp session as the Sun sets, the Mini Plus is always ready to accompany you to a premium summer night.

In A Summery Conclusion

Now that we have a better idea of what is out there, it's time to decide which vaporizing route (or three!) you’re going to go down this Summer. Whether you are looking for the portability of cartridge vaporizing, e-rig dabbing, or dry herb vaporizing; you can’t go wrong with any of these summer sizzlers!

So make sure to order now and have the peace of mind knowing that your summer 2024 is going to be one for the ages! For more tips and helpful guides, make sure to check out the rest of our Vaporizer Blog postings here!